Why do chickens lay fewer or no eggs in winter?

kippen in de winter

It is almost winter! Unfortunately, this also means that the laying hens in your garden will lay less or even no eggs. Right after summer, from September to November, chickens start moulting. During the moulting period, chickens shed their feathers and produce new feathers. This takes about eight weeks and is very intense for the body of a chicken. Producing eggs is not easy at that time. The number of light hours per day is also very important for the laying. A chicken needs at least 13 hours of light per day for a smooth laying. During the winter months, the laying will lessen or stop completely.

Other important factors for the production of eggs are:

  • Chicken breed
  • Age (the older the chicken, the fewer eggs)
  • Availability of fresh drinking water
  • Parasites, diseases and stress
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Lack of calcium
  • Outside temperature

However, always keep in mind that, after the winter, your garden residents will try their best to treat you to a fresh egg regularly.

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