How can I litter-train my rabbit(s)?

Healthy rabbits easily produce 300 to 350 droppings per day, so it can be a real task to keep their housing clean. Fortunately, you can litter-train your rabbit clean easily.

Rabbits are actually very clean animals, because they don't like dirtying their nest and want to be clean. Most rabbits already look for a specific place to drop their pellets and to urinate.

4 steps to litter-train your adult rabbit

  1. Look for your rabbit's preferred spot. This is the spot where all pellets are in a heap.
  2. Put a box in this spot; this can be a low litter box or a corner litter box for rabbits/ferrets.
  3. Choose the right bedding for this litter box. You can use shavings (e.g. Versele-Laga Natural Wood), wood pellets or straw pellets (Versele-Laga Cubetto Wood or Cubetto Straw), with some additional straw on top (Versele-Laga Natural Straw), if necessary. Use Oropharma Deodo indoors. This is a deodoriser which neutralises the rabbit's droppings, absorbs and also perfumes.
  4. Refresh the bedding regularly. When the litter box is damp or if it smells strongly, the rabbit will relieve itself in a different spot.

Extra tips (for young rabbits or new adult rabbits)

Not all rabbits are equally quick to adapt. Ten per cent of the rabbits can't even become litter-trained. Here are some extra tips:

  • First, give them a smaller housing. This way, they can easily choose a corner where you can put a rabbit litter box. The larger the housing, the more corners they can choose to put their droppings.
  • Do you want to provide a larger housing afterwards? Then install several rabbit litter boxes.
  • Does your rabbit urinate in a totally different spot occasionally? Wipe it clean and put the wipe in the litter box for a while. That way your rabbit learns what it is supposed to do. It is important that you clean the spot where your rabbit urinated (e.g. with vinegar)! Ventilate the housing well before you place your rabbit(s) back. When the scent remains in that spot, there is a large chance that your rabbit will urinate there again.
  • The droppings of the male unneutered rabbits (bucks) are best placed in the rabbit litter box. This way you litter-train them and you avoid them marking their territory.
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