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You should make the most of your relationship with your animal.

Ever since prehistoric times, animals have played a very important role in the life of man. They offer us not only protection, transport, strength and food but they also provide more and more emotion.

By now they fill many other special roles in our lives:

  • they give us pleasure and recreation,
  • together with them we can work towards and enjoy victories
  • they keep us company, become our friend and sometimes grow into a real buddy
  • they can play a role in teaching responsibility
  • they help in rehabilitation and other therapies
  • they help us to keep moving and to be socially active

Whatever role your animal plays, the relationship between you and your animal is unique and very special.

We at Versele-Laga understand that better than anyone.

Because your animal is worth it!

You can and may rely on our quality products and advice regarding the nutrition and care of your animals. For you we develop a wide range of custom animal foods, snacks, vitamins and other nutritional supplements, care and pampering products to hygiene products.

In developing our products, we take into account the wishes and needs of your animal. We provide products that are not only nutritionally sound for your animal but also tasty and easy to use.

Many of our staff are passionate animal owners themselves, our contacts and collaborations with on the one hand specialists and veterinarians and on the other hand universities and research institutes mean that we always arrive at well-considered quality product concepts.

Versele-Laga, your best choice

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