Our values

To succeed daily in our work, we rely on four values that our employees consider

to be of paramount importance.


  • Respect for people – that can be customers, consumers and colleagues.
  • It is about understanding each other´s needs and differences – after all, everyone is different.

  • By being ready to listen and accepting of differences we can together arrive at the best choice.


  • By devoting ourselves daily with heart and soul to inspire each other continuously, we want to achieve the best possible products and customer care.


  • We cherish this value by doing better and better - by sharing our knowledge and expertise so that each time new ideas and opportunities arise.

    That way, we continuously strive for improvement and innovation to 
    achieve our ambition.


  • Each of us takes his/her responsibility within his/her job and we do so in an efficient and effective manner.

    Thus, we can achieve great things for people, animals and society.

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