For us, innovation means a consumer-oriented renewal. It may involve:

  • product optimization based on new insights or entirely new products,
  • new packaging,
  • optimization of the production process
  • up to and including the way in which we approach the consumer.

Innovation Proces

Product innovations: nutritionally sound and with tastiness as an asset

For our product innovation, we work in stages

Stage 1:          

  • Scanning the market – what are the needs and wishes of the various animal keepers: what do they see as important for their animal?

Stage 2:          

  • Depending on the condition, the activity level of the animal and/or period and the latest insights we have regarding ingredients, we put together the best nutritional product together with our R&D team. For example, the diet of racing pigeons needs to be different during the sport season than during the moulting period, or the diet of a dog that has little exercise needs to be less rich in energy than that of a dog that, together with its owner, competes in sports.
  • Afterwards, the product variants are tested extensively on taste and digestibility. A cat, for example, is a picky eater, and both the taste and shape of the product are important for a good ingestion.
  • In this phase our nutritionists and veterinarians cooperate on a regular basis with external experts, with research centers in various universities and zoos such as Loro Parque and Weltvogelpark Walsrode.
  • Extensive taste and ingestion tests are carried out in our own research center and finally also externally with animal keepers.

Stage 3:          

  • Finally, we create a total product concept: product, packaging, dosage, communication and ensure that the consumer and his/her animal can enjoy the most suitable product according to their needs.

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