Our ambition

We currently feed over 15,000,000 animals annually or one animal every two seconds.
But we believe we can do more, that we can do more together.

"Versele-Laga strives to become
YOUR preferred brand
for animal nutrition and care"

We see YOUR in a broad sense.


  • Versele-Laga offers you and your animal quality products & product experiences.
  • We respect the relationship you have with your animal and the needs that you have. With our products, you can make the most of your relationship. Choice from 2,100 products, so something for everyone.


  • We want to work together in a professional way and not only supply products but also offer quality services.
  • We continuously strive to supply product concepts with added value for the business and its consumers.


  • Our employees are crucial to our success in growing further.
  • We want to be their preferred employer by offering them an inspiring and challenging work environment with a focus on development and growth opportunities.


  • We want to ensure the well-being of humans and animals.
  • We want to give all of them the “YOUR BEST CHOICE“ guarantee

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