Disinfect Spray

Disinfect Spray

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Ready-to-use spray to disinfect places where animals live, transport means and materials.

Disinfect Spray kills invisible pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses, etc within one minute. The unique composition guarantees a long-term effect.
  • Spray against mites and fleas
  • Visible results after 1 day
  • Use preventative and in case of red mites
Available in
  • 1000 ml (EAN5410340602492)

Alkyldimethylbenzylammoniumchloride (CAS 68424-85-1): 0.08%, glutaraldehyde (CAS 111-30-8): 0.05%, didecyldimethylammoniumchloride (CAS 7173-51-5): 0.04%

Analytical constituents

Nutritional additives

Zoo Technical Additives

Technological Additives

Sensory additives

Coccidiostats and histomonostats

Directions for use

After thorough cleansing of the surface, the ready-to-use Disinfect Spray can be used. One bottle of 1 l disinfects 5 m². Allow for a 15-minute contact time and reintroduce animals after thorough ventilation of the animal housing. Do not use on the animals.

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