Opti Life = Premium food


Opti Life = Premium food

How do we distinguish ourselves with Opti Life? With Opti Life, we aim for a high-quality premium food that is pure and transparent, but at the same time very straightforward.

Below are four characteristics we find very important for Opti Life:

1. Fixed formulation

Fixed formulation means that the ingredients used in Opti Life are always the same, so they do not depend on (fluctuating) market prices.

2. High-quality proteins with a higher bioavailability

High-quality proteins are used for Opti Life, which means they can be used optimally. The proteins are efficiently broken down in the body so that the dog can use all the building blocks as well as possible.

3. Highly digestible

If a food is easily digestible, only a small amount of waste remains in the stool. You will therefore have to give less food and the stools will be better. In short, good for both dog and you!

4. Continue to distinguish itself as a premium range

Opti Life does so much more than just provide energy. It is a gluten-free and hypoallergenic food, in which we also use a lot of additional healthy raw materials such as rosemary, sea algae, marigold, lecithin, green tea, and so forth. These raw materials, which we call nutraceuticals, are a great added value for Opti Life as they have several positive effects on the health of dogs.

How can Versele-Laga guarantee these four criteria?

Simply by doing everything ourselves, from developing the composition by veterinarians and nutritionists to the production of the food in our own plant in Leuven. By doing everything ourselves, we can trace every chunk from start to finish. Moreover, we keep the chain as short as possible this way.

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