Wild birds in the spring!

Plants are blooming and birds are chirping away in our gardens. Spring is in the air! Did you know that the males sing so beautifully to catch a female? The beginning of spring marks the start of the breeding season. You may have hung a nest box in your garden at the end of the winter.

Menu Nature Nesting Blend Our Menu Nature Nesting Blend is the suitable food in spring. You should also provide water all year round. In the winter, they use the water tray as drinking tray only, but in spring and summer, they can also use it to bathe to their heart's content.

Well then, there is a big chance that a pair of birds will be breeding and raising their young in there. Especially blue and great tits, and sometimes even tree sparrows, would love to settle in the nest box.

Just like you would feed high-fat products in winter, you should offer feed with insects in the springtime. Insects contain many proteins, which consequently enhance the egg laying. All you give additionally are extras to the birds. Because of urbanisation, they find it increasingly harder to find food in nature.

Are you spotting only few birds in your garden or on your terrace? Then simply make your home a little more bird-friendly. First, make sure you have enough greenery, because birds love plants, especially ivy, rowan trees, etc.

Also scatter feed on several places in your garden. This way you are guaranteed to welcome more bird species in your garden. Blackbirds find their food on the ground, while robins prefer eating from a bird table.

There you go! Apply these tips and take some time to see who's coming over and what these visitors like to eat. An informative activity for young and old.

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