Buying and raising a puppy. Step 2: Taking your puppy home!

Buying and raising a puppy. Step 2: Taking your puppy home!

Basic socialisation

Your breeder will have taken the first steps already, but after (at least) 8 weeks, you will have to continue socialising your dog. Let people come by as much as possible, so he becomes a social dog that is not afraid of strangers.

Your puppy not only has to become socialised towards people, but also towards other dogs and other animals! So, let him play with other dogs, but make sure this happens with social animals! You definitely have to avoid negative experiences in this age.

Introduce him also to as many objects as possible: leash, car, broom, vacuum cleaner... Sounds too: the phone, the doorbell, the vacuum cleaner, the car... Give a nice treat after these sounds, so your dog associates them with something positive.

Puppies of 8 weeks and older can go to the puppy school to socialise with pups of the same age. As of week 12, when all vaccinations are over and done with, it can really kick off at the dog school.

House training:

Your puppy won't be house trained in the beginning. This means that he will still relieve himself in the house. There are some tips you can use to make your pup house trained more quickly.

In this article, we go into detail on how to go about house training.


Feed your pup 3 times a day. Leave the food for 15 min, then take it away. Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water. Choose a food specifically for pups, which has the correct ratio of nutrients. Growth feed takes into account the sensitive digestive and immune system of young pups and, moreover, offers them the right support to grow up safely. Opti Life Puppy Mini, Medium and Maxi is balanced feed for small, middle-sized and large dogs respectively.

Puppy sensitive all breeds is suitable for every breed, especially for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.


  • Don't forget your pup's teeth. Read more here about how to start with your pup's teeth care.
  • The coat of your dog deserves enough attention, too. Discover here which shampoo your dog needs.
  • Visit the vet, dog trimmer, and other people and places he'll visit as quickly as possible. This should always be a positive experience.
  • Vaccination record: respect the vaccination and deworming data.
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