House-training of your pup

You have been looking forward to it for a long time, but finally the moment has come: you can take your puppy home!

Normally, your puppy already learned a lot from its mother and its previous owner. Still you have an important task to fulfil when you get home. You will first have to educate your puppy, so it becomes a healthy, social and reliable dog. Here you can find some tips on how to socialize your dog.

When you get home with your puppy, it is also important to pay particular attention to house-training.  

Your dog will not be house-trained in one day. Instinctively, dogs do not have a tendency to dirty their own sleeping-place. Until the age of 3 to 4 weeks, the mother will keep their nest tidy by eating the excrement of the puppies. After that, you will notice that the puppies will look for other places besides their sleeping-place to answer nature’s call.

When will your puppy become house-trained?

Most of the time, it takes about 6 to 10 weeks. A lot depends on how intensively you can train your puppy. It is already a big step forward if you know when your puppy will most likely need to go!

Tips to make your puppy house-trained

  • You should know that a puppy always wants to relieve itself after playing, sleeping or eating. Encourage your puppy to do so by letting it go outside at these times.
  • After a while, you will notice your puppy always behaves the same way when he needs to go. When he starts to get restless, to spin around and to sniff, you know there is a big chance that he needs to go.
  • It is recommended to let your pup relieve itself at a fixed spot in the garden. That way, you avoid droppings from spreading all over your garden! To obtain this you need to define a zone by installing for example a pole in the middle for the male dogs.
  • Each time your dog relieves itself at the right spot, you reward him very enthusiastically with your voice or with a snack and you link a word to it, for example "pee". After a couple of times, your puppy will associate the word "pee" with peeing outside and the reward.
  • Initially, it can also be useful to use a bench. A dog is not likely to dirty his own sleeping-place, so it can help to make him house-trained. When you take your dog out of the bench, take him outside and make him urinate first before you take him back inside. Make sure that the bench is not too big, so that your pup will use a part of it as its sleeping-place (and not dirty it), but the other part as its toilet.
  • Once in a while, accidents are bound to happen inside. Did you catch your dog red-handed? Reprimand him by shouting "NO", pick him up and put him outside on the spot where he is supposed to relieve himself. Did you discover a number one or two when you get home? It does not help reprimanding your dog. Clean it up without paying too much attention to it. Avoid getting angry and do not make your dog "face the facts" at all!
  • Does your dog mark certain spots in the house? That can be very annoying. You can use Oropharma Stop Spray on the spots where your dog certainly shouldn't do its business.

    Is your dog getting older and does he suddenly urinate in the house? Do not hesitate to consult your veterinary because this can have a medical cause.
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