The Leo cat: you are absolutely worth the attention!


proud, eager for attention, loyal


You feel like the king (or queen) of cats, and you want to be treated that way. That is why you try very hard to get attention. For example, by going hunting in the evening and then 'donating' the catch to your owner, for a compliment. You sometimes seem arrogant, but the truth is, you are very affectionate and loyal.


And often you are as healthy as you look: glorious! You pay a lot of attention to your own body, such as your fur. Your owner helps by regularly cleaning your surroundings, such as your drinking bowl and your many sleeping places, and then disinfecting them with a disinfecting spray. This way bacteria and viruses do not stand a chance!


Your beautiful, often long coat also gets you a lot of attention. You love having your owner massage you or brush your 'mane' until it shines. This makes you feel adored and spoiled. At the same time you need sufficient space to get rid of your abundance of energy.
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