We put our backs into CAT - Canine Assisted Therapy

CAT stands for Canine Assisted Therapy, a form of therapy in which dogs are used with patients with psychological problems. They help with rehabilitating hard-to-place shelter dogs so they will have a chance to be adopted. At the same time, the patients unwittingly also work on their own integration into society. We have been supporting this project from the beginning. The CAT project is an admirable initiative that even won the annual human rights award from the League for Human Rights in 2011.

We helped set up the CAT project ten years ago and have continued to support it ever since. We provide all the food for the dogs with Opti Life. The adapted composition of Opti Life food ensures the health of the dogs. At times of stress, Opti Life ensures a good support of the digestive system and there is also a significant difference in the condition of the coat. Because of this optimum nutrition, dogs need fewer trips to the vet, which saves on medical costs. We also provide Opti Life attire, which gives patients a real feeling of belonging. They are a part of the CAT-team and can also show that with their clothes.

Tony & Bernese Mountain Dog Thibo

Thibo is one of the dogs that have been in the centre since September 2016 and comes from the shelter in Evergem. They know next to nothing about his past, but they could see that he had been completely neglected. Thibo was very skinny and did not look well. Moreover, he had problems with his hips and bad teeth, very strange for a young three-year-old dog. His hips are fortunately a little better since he has been in the centre, because he is getting proper nutrition.

Actually, Tony recognises much of himself in Thibo. He is social, stubborn and lazy. At first, he did not want to move forwards. He refused to walk, lay down on the ground and just wanted to return to his kennel. We could not do anything with him. Nevertheless, that has all changed. The most important lesson he has learned about himself from him so far, is that an unruly dog can also be turned into a good dog. After all, Thibo is now almost ready to leave for a new home.

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