Outdoor animals badly need our help in winter, too!

Outdoor animals badly need our help in winter, too!


When they are able to, some animals are quick to go inside when it starts freezing outside. Some cats or dogs will quickly claim their spot near the heating or stove!

But not all animals have the opportunity of going indoors and nestle. Those animals that stay outside in winter will get colder. This doesn't have to be a problem: nature provides a nice and warm winter coat for most of them and healthy, adult animals can survive perfectly in cold weather.Dog

You can provide extra help for those animals that stay outside in winter with these tips!

  • Make sure that the animals can seek shelter at all times. That way they can stand out of the rain or wind. Give cattle the possibility of going into the stable.

  • Animals that stay in an outside run can be given extra bedding, like extra straw for rabbits.

  • Make sure there is plenty of drinking water. Replace the frozen water multiple times a day. You can put a thermal cover around the drinking bottle for rabbits and small animals.

  • Outdoor animals need more energy in winter than in summer. The animals burn the ingested feed to regulate their body temperature.
    When it is freezing, most animals need 10 to 20% more feed than in other seasons.

  • Some animals eat the same kind of food all year round. Other animals, like wild birds, need high-fat food in winter. Our Menu Nature range for wild birds e.g. offers mixes and suet balls that are specifically tailored for winter. Discover our specific winter range.

  • Make sure you only let animals outside that are used to this. Do you have a rabbit that comes indoors regularly? Don't leave it outside in winter, it will not be prepared for this.

So, use your common sense in winter and definitely don't underestimate the animals! Make sure they are not short of anything and enjoy this beautiful season together with them.

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