Working at Versele-Laga

We work hard here and we enjoy that! We are go-getters with passion.

Working at Versele-Laga

Every day over 400 passionate and enthusiastic employees contribute to the Versele-Laga story. Our company therefore has become an international manufacturer of pet food and care products with seven production plants in Europe, two in the USA and one in China. We are commercially active in more than 75 countries, with our own sales organizations in 15 of those countries. With more than 2,100 products in our assortment, we daily feed over 15,000,000 animals.

At Versele-Laga you arrive in a very diverse and changing environment: a company on the move, constantly seeking improvement and innovation to respond to the rapid changes in the market for performance animals and pets.

This rapid pace is also reflected in the duty of our work force. You come into contact with many different projects and new challenges. We like flexible, driven go-getters who passionately want the best for animal keepers and their animals.

Our collaborators obtain the opportunity to fill in their jobs themselves. We promote a proactive approach with colleagues who see it as a challenge to achieve as much as possible with the resources available. Our people take the bull by the horns, and take ownership of their job. We expect that everyone is an expert in his/her field and that they share their know-how with others.


We’re sorry, we currently have vacancies in Belgium only.

Open application

At Versele-Laga we have a very wide range of jobs and responsibilities.

We are constantly looking for people who want to subscribe to our values ​​and can help shape our ambition. The following profiles will be considered:

-          Production workers and technicians (day and three-shift system)

-          Nutritionists and laboratory staff

-          Sales & marketing profiles

-          Administrative profiles


How to send an open application? Send an email with your cover letter and work experience, don’t forget to to send us a clear indication of the job/position you are looking for.

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